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10 Amazing Promposals You Should Really Consider

Limo Service Near Me

Thinking about asking that special someone to the prom this year? Give them a proposal that they won’t be able to refuse! It’s important for it to be personal, that way it really means something. Asking someone to prom can give you the opportunity to give a little insight into what type of person you are.
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How you will ask? Romantically? Will it be comedic? Will it be too cute? Silly? Clever? One thing is for sure—it should be a little imaginative to show that you put some thought into it. It doesn’t have to be make a collage with stickers, glow in the dark paint, and glitter type of creative—but your own type of creativeness. That way originality will show through.
Limo Service Near Me

Look up Limo Service Near Me and find your favourite limo so you can show up to prom with style. Better yet, grab your “Limousine Near Me” and pick up your future date after school in a limousine to give them a classy ride home and come out with your proposal on the road!
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Surprise them with a sign on their car.

Surprise them with a sign painted on your crazy friends.

Ask it with something they love. Can you spell “prom?” with sushi? What about soccer balls? Or soccer players?

Go big! Are you friends with the school announcement team?

Make them a bracelet that says “Prom?”

Make them a stuffed animal that says “Prom?”

Sing them a song or do a little dance.

Find your Party Bus Near Me that even your parents will like for a safe place to have an after party. We have the Cheap Party Bus Rental both you, your friends, and mom will love!

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