How to Choose Wedding Colors? Best Tips by Chicago Limousine Rentals

Colors’- isn’t that what weddings are all about? Of course, the sentiments, the sacred union and all the love it brings are also an integral part of this affair. And in the festive season of wedding planning, shopping and organizing, all what pops in the head of a to-be-married couple is to select the theme of their big day. Here’s how they could go about it:

1.     Take Inspiration from the Season

It is said to be a safe choice to take inspiration for your wedding color from Mother Nature and the changes you anticipate in the season you’re tying the knot. The cool and soft summer shades might look dull in freezing cold, so it is better to think rationally about it. Rosy shades for spring and rustic ones for autumn are the commonly used palettes.

2.     What you Adore

You shouldn’t have to restrict yourself to the season of your wedding, even though it is a valid option. You could always pick the color(s) you both love to match with your happiness and jovial mood on your wedding day, which would show wonderfully in your wedding photographs.

3.     Choose the Less Complex Shades

Since the color you’re choosing would be the one you would get a cake in and so would be the shade for your decorations, make sure the color you choose is not a difficult one to find and that the required items for the wedding such as dresses, flowers, invitation cards, and cake etc are easily available in that.

4.     Don’t Choose an Elaborate Color Palette

Your color palette for your wedding needs to comprise of shades that go along well with one another and a bold shade for contrast; but do not choose various shades (unrelated or not) which would be a hassle to find adequate items of.

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