How to Make Airport Travel Less Agonizing for New Year

So you just travelled for one of the busiest holidays last month and now you’re traveling again for New Year.

According to the Bureau of Transportation 91% of holiday travelers actually travel by car, so you might be boarding your Chicago Airport Shuttle thinking, “Then why are the airports so packed for the New Year season?”

Even the small rise in airport travel brings enough people in to jam-pack waiting areas, extending lines, and adding to your stress.


How to Making New Year Flying a Breeze

With those 91% or 89.5 million people on the road this year, be sure to grab an Airport Limo Chicago can rely on for stress-free transportation.

So what can you do to make your holiday travel less agonizing?

Pack light. If you want security checks to be a breeze then don’t pack non-essential items that you can simply pick up once you get to your destination.

Pack smart. If you have traveled via plane before then you know how security feels about liquids. So try not to bury essential oils, shampoos, and other “strange” liquids at the bottom of your bag. In fact if you have things like that, pack them on top so they are easier to extract if asked.


Don’t wrap. If you have gifts with you, don’t try to be clever and wrap them to avoid a security check and get through the line faster, this might actually take you in the opposite direction. It’s best to leave gifts unwrapped and wrap them whenever you get to where you are going, just in case security might want to take a look inside.

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