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Why One Chicago School Bus Service Is Used More Than All Others

July 2, 2017 (Chicago, IL) –  There’s a reason why Chicago Limousine Service is constantly called upon for transportation for individuals, high-powered business executives, church outings, corporate functions, and even school field trips.

They’re one of the safest companies providing a Chicago school bus service as well as limos, party buses, and more.

Chicago Motor Coach Company

For districts, when they need a school bus near Chicago for a field trip, sporting event, or some other outing, they may be most concerned about the cost. They worry about their budget, and Chicago Limousine Service is one of the most affordable in the industry.

As a coach bus rental in Chicago, this company has been around for more than 25 years providing the best, safety, and most dependable transportation for groups of almost any size. In fact, they have provided transportation for 4,000 or more people on several different occasions.

Party Bus Rental Chicago

Yes, affordability is certainly important, but so is safety and reliability. When it comes to any Chicago motor coach bus, being safe is essential. Chicago Limousine Service hires only the safest, most experienced drivers and then puts them through safe driver training and consistent and random drug testing to ensure continued safety. They also make sure their maintenance department keeps up with inspections to ensure every vehicle is in peak operating condition at a moment’s notice.

When entrusting transportation for school age children or anyone else to a company, it is absolutely crucial to make sure they are safe, dependable, and do everything right from start to finish. Chicago Limousine Service certainly does and they also treat every single passenger, student, chaperone, teacher, or otherwise like a VIP.

Their drivers are incredibly knowledgeable about the area and make wonderful tour guides and are incredibly personable, love answering questions, and interacting with their passengers.

The phone number for Chicago Limousine Service is 312.757.4634 and their website, for more information or to make a reservation online, is

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