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The Ultimate Guide To Having A Good Time in Navy Pier

For an all-embracing trip to Chicago, it is crucial that every traveler pays a visit to the Navy Pier.

Prior to 1995, this destination was a dock of Lake Michigan and home to some warehouses, but today it is the heart of the entertainment for families and friends.

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If you are planning a trip to Chicago then make sure you visit this destination and experience the grandeur of this beautiful place but even before that, make sure you have a O’Hare Airport Car Service waiting for your arrival.

You should also have the Midway Airport Transportation on your speed dial because you never know when you might need a car to pick you up or drop you to the airport. That being said, here’s how you can have the best time in Navy Pier:


The two kinds of museum in Navy Pier make sure that both parents and kids find something that interests them. There is an art museum that showcases the beautiful art work on stained glasses and a sports museum which contains relics and artifacts of all things related to sports.

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Ferris wheel:

To have the uninterrupted view of beautiful city, make sure to take a spin on the iconic Ferris Wheel of Navy Pier. The ride is 150 stories high and once you are on the top, looking downs at the breathtaking view, you’ll realize how every second was worth it, especially if you are afraid of heights.

Boat Rides:

How can one stand beside the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan and not take the boat ride?  35 minutes long speedboat ride which will make you forget abut all your worries and let you have an exhilarating experience.

For those who are just excursing in Chicago with no friends or family to guide them can contact a Midway Airport Transportation and can visit the entire best destination in Chicago, including Navy pier safely.

Do not hesitate to rent a car from Chicago O’Hare Car Service, as they will make sure you and your family does not have to go through any experience of inconvenience and trouble. Call us today at  (312) 757-4634

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