Why Your New Year’s Resolution is like Running a Business

It’s said that over 50% of the population create New Year’s Resolutions. How many people actually accomplish them is a different story.

It’s not that we are incapable of them, or that we are lazy, or change our minds about our goal. Much of it has to do with our mindsets. If you own your own business, then it’s time to get in touch with that business leader mindset.


You have wild employees calling off, or showing up late. Sometimes things go wrong, the water dispenser leaks all over the floor, the bathroom floods, and now your computer is frozen. Now tap into the mindset you would use as if you we’re running your own business, expect the business is you. You’re the boss and what you says goes.


Just like a business you need to plans things. If you expect your resolution to work you will need to have things prepared. When exactly will you be going to the gym? What days, what times? Mark is on your calendar.

Just like a business you need resources. How do you plan to transport 140 employees to a seminar without Chicago Charter Buses?

In other words: How do you plan on learning yoga without first checking out where classes are held, or buying a yoga mat?


When creating a new business concept you brainstorm. Do the same with your new year’s goal.

How, When, What, Why, and Where? Wherever you go, grab a Coach Bus Rental Chicago can depend on!

Ditch the idea of results. You would think of results as the push to motivation, but often it hinders people and leaves them feeling like they have failed when they don’t meet these results.

If you envision yourself 30lbs less for your birthday celebrated on Chicago Party Buses and when the time gets there you’re not, it’s not a disaster—you are always making progress!


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